For those interested in the South Dakota choral music scene
In 1974, choral directors Stan Rishoi, Perry Jones, Alan Stanga, Bob Ellingson, Donald Peterson, and Rolf Anderson initiated the Senior Honors Choir to provide a quality musical experience for the state’s top high school vocalists. Black Hills State University provided the first weeklong camp for the 150 select high school singers under the direction of Rod Walker of Kansas State University. Each year since then, the event has been hosted by one of South Dakota’s institutions of higher learning and the choir has continued to be conducted by the nation’s finest directors. SDACDA provides section leaders, accompanists, and counselors for the yearly event.
2016 Randolf Stenson Univeristy of South Dakota
2015 Robert Harris South Dakota State University
2014        Henry Leck Augustana College
2013 Christopher Aspaas      University of Sioux Falls
2012 Lynne Gackle University of South Dakota
2011 Brad Holmes University of South Dakota
2010 Kevin Fenton South Dakota State University
2009 Carol Tralau Northern State University
2008 Sandra Peter Augustana College
2007 Bruce Becker South Dakota State University
2006 James Rodde Northern State University
2005 Robert Wright University of South Dakota
2004 Jerry Blackstone University of Sioux Falls
2003 Carl Stam South Dakota State University
2002 Tim Peter Northern State University
2001 René Clausen University of Sioux Falls
2000 Andre Thomas Northern State University
1999 Edith Copley Dakota Wesleyan University
1998 Anton Armstrong Augustana College
1997 Karle Erickson Northern State University
1996 Weston Noble University of South Dakota
1995 Gregory Lyne South Dakota State University
1994 Paul Torkelson Northern State University
1993 Sally Herman Black Hills State University
1992 André Thomas Augustana College
1992 Sigrid Johnson University of Sioux Falls
1990 Anton Armstrong South Dakota State University
1989 René Clausen Northern State University
1988 Duncan Couch Northern State University
1987 Dale Grotenhuis South Dakota School of MInes and Technology
1986 Hugh Sanders Augustana College
1985 John Windh University of South Dakota
1984 Karle Erickson South Dakota State University
1983 Alice T. Larsen Black Hills State University
1982 Eph Ehly Augustana College
1981 Douglas R. McEwen South Dakota State University
1980 Perry Jones Northern State College
1979 Claude Zetty Augustana College
1978 Lee Kjelson Northern State University
1977 Howard Skinner University of Sioux Falls
1996 Dale Warland Black Hills State University
1975 Frank Pooler University of South Dakota
1974 Rod Walker Black Hills State University