Summer and Winter


Each Summer and Winter, the SD ACDA host a conference for Choral Directors and Music Educators. 

Summer Conference 2022

August 4th and 5th


Conference Credit

The workshop below has been approved for graduate credit through the University of Sioux Falls for Summer 2022:

EDU_ACDA.11 SD-ACDA Summer Conference

Section EDU 539I.1- registration deadline 08/15/2022 1 s.h.


Participants may go to and search for “ACDA” and the workshop will be displayed. Payment must be made by credit or debit card. The cost per credit hour for an off-campus graduate workshop through the University of Sioux Falls is $45.

Marques Garrett: Headliner


A Virginia native, Marques L. A. Garrett is an Assistant Professor of Music in Choral Activities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the Glenn Korff School of Music. His responsibilities include conducting the auditioned Chamber Singers and non-auditioned University Chorale (soprano-alto) as well as teaching graduate choral literature. Before earning his PhD in Mu-sic Education (Choral Conducting) at Florida State University, he was the Director of Choral Activities at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania.


Dr. Garrett’s Sessions:

Session #1 (60 mins) – Reimagining the Identities in Choral Music

  • In the age of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we have opened our minds and hearts to understand that we don’t have all the answers and never will. We attempt to do better and be better. This discussion will not only focus on defining characteristics of several genres but also allow participants to discuss how we view other people’s identities and create communities of belonging.


Session #2 (90 minutes) – Embracing Historical Composers

  • It can be a joyful and rewarding time for choristers and conductors to experience the music that helped pave the path for our living composers. This session will explore the lives and representative music of several historical composers in the hopes that we find ways to connect to our rich musical past and readily implement it into our various curricula.


Session #3 (75 mins) – Contextualizing Negro Spirituals

  • Participants will learn historical and cultural elements related to the Negro spiritual. A brief history of the concert arranged spiritual will remind us of how and where this practice began, how it developed, and where we are now. References will be made from historical and contemporary scholarship and will be used for the performance practice considerations to be discussed and practiced.


Session #4 (75 mins) – Engaging Singers in Rehearsals 

  • Participants will explore tools and techniques to actively engage ensemble members throughout the choral rehearsal process. This session will highlight best practices in motivation through accountability and ownership.



Other Sessions include the reading session, “United We Sing: Connecting Your Choir to the World Around Them,” and an interest session entitled, “Navigating Cultural Biases: The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion.” Both of these sessions will be presented by M. Nicole Davis and Hailey Meyer.