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Summer and Winter


We love to provide our South Dakota teachers with professional development twice a year. 

Winter Conference

January 19th and 20th, 2024

Sioux Falls, SD 

Clinician: Colton Blake 

Areas of Focus:

Creating and Cultivating Connection in the Choral Classroom 

Middle School Tenor/Bass Choirs

Summer Conference

July/August, 2024

Sioux Falls, SD at USF

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Colton Blake’s Bio


Colton Blake is a distinguished educator, conductor, clinician, and speaker from Fort Worth, TX. 

Mr. Blake received his postgraduate degree in Music Education from Texas Christian University and went on to serve as Head Choral Director in the Cedar Hill Independent School District where choirs under his direction consistently excelled in high musical achievement.


Some of his highest educational honors include being named Campus Teacher of the Year(in Cedar Hill ISD), District Secondary Teacher of the Year(in Cedar Hill ISD), and a Young Director of Distinction(from the Texas Choral Directors Association).


Mr. Blake currently works as a Creative Connection Consultant and is highly admired for the creative passion and energy he brings to the field of education. He actively travels as an invited clinician for honor choirs and festivals throughout the state and is frequently invited to lead educational developments on his innovative approach to creating and cultivating student connection in the choral classroom and beyond. 


When he is not in the classroom, Mr. Blake enjoys spending time with his amazing family, serving at his church, and operating his online bakery, CocoMo’s Cookiery, in Fort Worth, TX. 

He attributes his continued success to his faith in God, and the undying support he receives from his friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones. 

Session Titles and Summaries:

Connect 4: Connecting Singers To The Song 

Music is all about connection! But how do we make that connection when our singers are oftentimes so…disconnected? Join Blake for this interactive and thought-provoking session exploring strategies to create and cultivate authentic connection within your choral program that will change the way your singers think about themselves, each other, and the music they create. 


Twister: Music Literacy…With a TWIST! 

Join Blake for this interactive session exploring practical ways to connect music literacy with your diverse group of singers in a real, relevant and fresh way that will transform your classroom into a space where your students will shine, thrive, and come back for more!


The Little Rascals: Session I and II

Join Blake for this highly engaging and interactive session exploring innovative and creative ways to engage your Tenor/Bass choir while learning Blake's #1 secret to success that will revolutionize your program and keep your middle school tenor-bass singers signing up for choir year after year!


The Little Rascals: Session I

This session will explore interactive, cutting-edge strategies to keep your Tenor-Bass singers engaged from the time they walk into the door until the time the bell rings for dismissal. Blake will walk step-by-step through leading your Tenor-Bass singers through a daily classroom rehearsal routine that your singers will absolutely love. 


The Little Rascals: Session II

This session will explore the wonderfully intriguing (and sometimes scary) world of the Tenor-Bass Voice. Blake will explore techniques on voicing your tenor-bass choirs, selecting the right repertoire, and his #1 technique on how to get adolescent baritones singing “up the octave.” This session will have your Tenor-Bass choirs singing and expressing like never before. 

Making Musical Gumbo!

Still have questions about igniting that connection in your chorus program? Needing some more direction and inspiration for your Tenor/Bass Choirs? Bring all of your questions and join Blake for this interactive Q+A session as we collaborate and share our ideas to keep our programs thriving. 

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