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Grades 11-12


The South Dakota High School Honor Choir is a unique experience that draws up to 150 auditioned high school students together for a week of intensive singing at a choral camp under the direction of a respected choral conductor, culminating in a presentation of choral works representing the finest works of western art.

Why audition for SD Senior Honor Choir? Check out this video!!

2023 Honor Choir Information:


2023 Audition Sites, Dates, and Chairs

Sioux Falls Friday, March 31  4:00-7:00 pm   Rogene Brown

Sioux Falls Saturday, April 1   9:00 am-2:00 pm Rogene Brown

Huron Tuesday, April 4    3:30-6:30 pm   Ian Krekelberg

Freeman Thursday, April 6   3:30-6:30 pm Sonja Waltner

EASTER Sunday, April 10  

Rapid City Friday, April 14 3:30-6:30 pm Ann Deckert and Emily McGruther

ACT Saturday, April 15   

2023 Repertoire Coming Soon
2023 Practice Tracks Coming Soon

Audition Materials

Audition Tips:

1. Choose appropriate literature - Art Song Preferred

  • It doesn't have to be overly difficult - the adjudicator is interested in how well the singer performs what is on the page.

  • If using a foreign language, make sure the singer knows the correct pronunciations.

2. Make sure you have a legal copy of the music for the judge.

3. Accompanist

  • The judge wants to hear the singer. Do not play louder than your singers can sing.

  • If the accompanist misses some notes, it's OK but do not add the singer's line when it is not part of the accompaniment. It hints at lack of preparation.

  • If you have to have an emergency substitute accompanist, just let the judge know.


Over the years, many people have chosen to make a contribution to the SD HONOR CHOIR ENDOWMENT in honor of a current or past singer or in memory of a loved one. This is a wonderful way to recognize and/or pay tribute your loved one. Whether you are an alumnus of the choir, a parent of a past or present honor choir singer or someone who appreciates the art of choral music, we all can certainly agree that the SD High School Honor Choir experience can be the highlight of a student’s high school music career! You can play a part in allowing other young musicians to continue benefiting from this experience by contributing to the SD Honor Choir Endowment. Please consider supporting the SD High School Honor Choir by making a donation TODAY.

Thank you! – SD Honor Choir Board of Directors

Reunion Honor Choir


Singers from the South Dakota Senior High School Honor Choir have continued to be active singers throughout their adult lives.  Many have continued their musical studies while others have pursued other disciplines but remain avid recreational singers. SDHC alumni choirs began to be formed in 1983 and have continued since then. Following are the years that Alumni Honor Choirs have formed and the directors involved: 1983 - Alice T. Larson, 1993 - Rene Clausen, 1998 - Paul Torkelson, 2003 - Edith Copley, 2008 - Tim Peter, 2013 - James Rodde, 2018 - Randy Stensen


If you are a SDHC alumnus and wish to be connected with this tradition, please update your contact information  in the Honor Choir Alumni database. This will assist us in contacting you for future reunion events.  Please list the most “permanent” information by which you would most likely be reached within the next 5 years.

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