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Hello Friends!

I just wanted to send you a friendly reminder about the SD-ACDA upcoming summer conference, which will be held in Brookings on Thursday and Friday, July 29 and 30, 2021 on the beautiful campus of SDSU! The conference entitled "Teaching with Respect" will feature Dr. Stephen Sieck as the presenter, as well as Andrew Robinette and reading sessions for SD Junior Honor Choir and SD All-State Chorus. Popplers Music will also be available to peruse through and purchase materials for the upcoming school year! To see more information about the sessions and registering check out the SD-ACDA website at:

Director's Conferences | South Dakota ACDA Each Summer and Winter, the SD ACDA host a conference for Choral Directors and Music Educators. Summer Conference 2021. July 29 and 30, 2021

The schedule for the 2 days is as follows:


Thursday, July 29th

8:30 SD-ACDA Executive Board Meeting

9:00- Registration

10:00- Welcome

10:15 -Building a Beautiful Voice with Young Tenors

11:15 -Break

11:30 -Visit Popplers

12:00- Lunch

1:30- Challenges of Inclusive Pedagogy Session #1 –Identity, Gender, Sexuality

2:30- Observe Rehearsal

3:30- Break

3:45- Challenges of Inclusive Pedagogy Session #2 – “the Other”

5:15- Dinner

7:00- Challenges of Inclusive Pedagogy Session #3 –Religion and Race

8:30- Social

Friday, July 30

8:00-The Sustainable Conductor

9:00- Watch Rehearsal

10:30- Visit Popplers

11:00- From the Voice Studio to the Choral Rehearsal- Andrew Robinette

12:00- Lunch

1:30- Reading session Junior Honor Choir: Kathy Sundvold, R&R Junior High and Middle School; Lorena Blom, Accompanist

2:15- Reading Session All-state: Rodd Bauck, R&R High School; Kathy Ferguson, Accompanist

3:00- Break

3:15- General Membership Meeting

7:30- Honor Choir Concert

Please plan to attend and gear up for another year of teaching and making music with your choirs and students!

Have a great day!




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